About us

The BALT-cargo terminal  start-up activity on 1998 at airport of Vilnius. Today BALT-cargo terminal is responsible for handling AY, TK, LO, SU, QY, DY & Kales airlines services which include CA, CK, SQ, AL, NZ, CI, other.

We are ready to provide all services of the highest quality, taking into consideration individual needs of each customer. This is constantly confirmed by annual airlines audits.

Regulated Agent LT/RA/00001-01

Storage of dangerous and valuable goods

We keep your cargo safe. Warehouse is designed with advanced security systems that work together to constantly scrutinize, detect, control and keep your cargo safer , including and Radioactive material.

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Customs clearence

As a customs handling terminal, our knowledge and experience in air cargo processing are deep. Export, import and transit – we pay special attention to accurate and quick customs clearence formality trought every step of the way.

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Consolidation and breakdown

We will get up close and personal with your cargo needs to make focus for every consolidated shipment. We do breakdown, buildup and organize your individual consignments based on their final points of destination.

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Packing and labeling

We will take care of your cargo. Preparation of dangerous goods for air transport.Properly packed to ensure safe carriage and handling. Delicate handling, down to the last detail.

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We provide the most versatile air cargo handling terminal at Vilnius Airport. By working together, we offer the support you need, and a service you can trust on.

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Cool storage

With handling perishable cargo, we are able to provide temperature storage for PMC palletized cargo , 200 m³ temperature conditions, down to the cooling +2 +8°C, controlling and monitoring system.

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